Android Application Development

Agile or Classic? Either way, we develop your app with quality standards.

WebservicesNYC is an Android Mobile Application Development Company based in Hamden, USA. We provide mobile application services using Agile Methodologies. We also have experience with creating custom software applications. Our primary focus is:

  • Analyze each client’s requirements and then provide custom solutions to help each.
  • Changing trends in architecture and domain-driven design.
  • You can get quality analysis and development work from WebServicesNYC and the other implementation, development, and support services you would get from a full-service firm such as ours.
  • Ongoing development, monitoring and design reviews.
  • Provide cyclical partial deliveries of the software, keeping cost and customer-facing functionality in mind.
  • Our software team provide periodic releases of the product, taking into account the costs and customer-facing functionality of each release.
  • Focus on transparency in the process of development and permanent integration of the client.
  • We will not only provide transparent communication regarding the project but also strive to incorporate the client into the process.

Our methodology for developing mobile apps

We understand that ensuring a seamless user experience is the key to success for any mobile app. This is the reason our mobile app development company has deployed a human-centric approach combined with a sharp technological push for developing mobile apps.

Validation of Idea

App Wireframing

App Prototype

Mobile App Development

Testing & QA

Go-Live & Maintenance


Social App

News and entertainment apps.
✔ Design mockups
✔ Dashboard
✔ News
✔ Blog
✔ Social login
✔ User Management
✔ Admin Management
✔ Registration Form
✔ Premium Users
✔ Social media sharing options
Note: Customizable modules and revisions included depending on your requirements

Taxi App

Organizations looking to start taxi service
like uber.
✔ Google Map integration
✔ Driver registration and management
✔ User registration and management
✔ Fare calculations
✔ Referral bonus
✔ Social Login
✔ Wallet
✔ Basic ASO
✔ Registration using mobile number
✔ App store and Play store launching
Note: Customizable modules and revisions included depending on your requirements.


Online stores looking to launch mobile app to reach new users and improve accessibility.
✔ User registration
✔ Featured Products
✔ Hot deals
✔ Magento Admin
✔ Checkout
✔ SMS verification
✔ Basic ASO
✔ Google Analytics integration
✔ App store and Play store launching
Note: Customizable modules and revisions included depending on your requirements.



✔ Around 5 Screens.
✔ Around 5 Integrations
✔ Only simple validations on device
✔ No offline storage of data
✔ Timeline – Within 2 months
✔ Team consists of: Dev Team – 1 Developer (full time)
✔ QA Team – 1 Test Engineer (shared)



✔ Around 10 Screens
✔ Around 10 Integrations
✔ Simple business logic for Validations / Calculations / Chart Data etc.
Some local storage of data
✔ Timeline – Within 4 months
✔ Team consists of: Dev Team – 1 Developer (full time) QA Team – 1 Test Engineer (shared)
✔ 1 Project Manager (shared)



✔ Around 20 Screens
✔ Around 20 Integrations
✔ Complex business logic like Interactive Charts, Animations, Validations, Conditions etc.
✔ Complete local storage of data used by App
✔ Timeline – Within 6 months
✔ Team consists of: Dev Team – 1 Developer (full time) QA Team – 1 Test Engineer (shared)
✔ 1 Project Manager (shared)
✔ 1 Team Lead (shared)

Android Application Development

Powerful software is the engine that drives digitization, even in commerce. WebServicesNYC brings you a wide range of Android Application Development services and expertise. From purchasing, marketing, customer loyalty, order management, and invoice processing to warehouse management, logistics systems, and shipping. We do not miss any of the processes and requirements of each client.

Digital technology is essential for any company to succeed today. WebServicesNYC is a premier Android development company and has helped many businesses and individuals develop high quality, cost-effective. We are experts in creating android applications that boost productivity, optimize resource usage, and improve the user experience from marketing, purchasing, order management, and invoice processing to logistics systems, warehouse management, and shipping. We do not forget any of the steps we need to take for each client.

Our Technical Expertise

WebServicesNYC uses the most current technological solutions that best adapt to each client and project in software development. As a result, our experts master a broad spectrum of technologies, programming languages, tools, and environments, such as,

As IT experts, we bring technological evolution and process knowledge.

Professional Android Application Development by experts

For Android Application Development, we have one goal: to generate added value for the client. As a result, we place importance on quality code, test-driven development, automation, and dynamic architecture.

Since 2010, we have been operating IT with experience in national and international projects.

We master agile methods and work with certified facilitators.

Thanks to the complete networking of our experts and their exchange of knowledge as well as we are competitive and flexible.

Moreover, we act with interdisciplinary teams from different positions and locations.


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