WordPress Maintenance and Care





Managed Updates
Access to WP Engine Hosting
Acessibility Checks and Fixes
Access to Knowledge Base and Community
Daily Backups




All of the Basic Plan
Security Checks and Fixes
Weekly Website Reports
5 hours/month of changes




All of Basic & Secured
User Experience Checks and Fixes
SEO and Local SEO
Image Optimization
Google Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager Setup
10 hours/month of changes




All of Basic, Secured & Optimized
Support for Larger Online Stores ( > 20 products)
15 hours/month of changes

Experts of Web Maintenance:

Whether you’re looking to build a custom website or want to make sure your WordPress site is running smoothly, we have all the services that will help your website issues sort. Regular maintenance and care of a website are crucial. It’s just like maintaining a car or having a home. This means that it is necessary to check the engine regularly, just like the car. Plugins and themes can go out of date or become obsolete. Your blog will continue to function but will no longer look as clean and polished as before.

Or imagine you wake up the following day, and search your website on google – and your website is not present on the first page. Your company congratulates you on reaching the billionth search query on Google. You get shocked that your data is being accessed. This gets even worse when everything is gone. The damage caused by these kinds of attacks can be severe, especially if backups are not made reliably.

We offer you regular checks and backups of your website as a monthly package. With this package, you get included minutes for your website.

Daily backups: Data backup

There are many ways to destroy a website. Either it is operating errors, compatibility problems, or even viruses and hacker attacks that destroy your painstakingly constructed pages. No problem if you make backups regularly. With these backups, your website can be easily restored. We take care of daily backups to always be on the safe side.

Updates: Regular updates

WordPress and the plugins used are updated by me at least once a month so that your website runs securely over the long term.
We install security-relevant updates as soon as they become known.

Reduced hourly rate

Contract work cheaper With an active maintenance or support package, you receive a reduced hourly rate for commissioned work, for example, programming or design work.

Safety : Protection against attacks

Viruses and harmful programs can be caught anywhere. They attack either your website or the computers of your website visitors. We should urgently prevent both. We check your website for malware and other security issues daily. This enables us to react quickly to threats and protect the website.

Uptime monitoring: Check the servers

We check every five minutes that the server your website is on is working properly. If there are massive server failures and problems, we will be informed and respond.

Care, support: Content and support

Do you want to exchange existing texts and images, add content, or need technical support? Depending on the package, the maintenance of your content and technical support based on a time quota is included in the scope of services.

Maintenance Packages in Detail

You have the option to upgrade at no cost. Services per maintenance package are below…

Individual packages

Customized solutions

How often do you need maintenance for several websites that need it? Does your website or online shop require much care? Our maintenance and support package is worth considering, depending on your individual needs. You can fill out the linked form for a request.

WordPress Maintenance & Support FAQ:

Why does your website need to be updated?

The interaction with WordPress, your web host, the database, various plugins, and the browser is complex and must work smoothly. All components are updated regularly, why not your website too?
What is considered secure today may contain security flaws tomorrow. Maintaining your website is like insurance. It’s good to have it.

What can happen to an outdated website?

Many scenarios have different effects. The following are all examples of what could happen.

  • The website could be taken out of service. For example, from your host
  • Your customers get malware from your website
  • Your customers’ data could fall into the wrong hands
  • Your site has links to unwanted or dubious websites
  • Your long-established rankings will be lost
  • Google devaluation or your website is banned from the Google index
  • Failures or your side will slow down
  • Important features will be disabled

What happens during maintenance and care? How does the regular update work?

Each website is unique and individually adapted, and the maintenance and care requirements are different. You will get daily, weekly, monthly, or annual reviews and comments on your website. You can vary this. The most important maintenance tasks include (depending on the maintenance package):

  • Make regular backups
  • Update your WordPress, plugins, and themes
  • Security scans for malware/viruses
  • Check availability of your website
  • Check regularly for orphaned links
  • Cleaning up, e.g., deleting spam comments, deleting unnecessary metadata, or checking the database structure
  • Visual and functional tests: contact forms, registration,
  • Monitoring the on-page SEO elements of your website
  • Performance audit
  • Regular checking of reports from Google Analytics and Search Console

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