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With iOS Programming, we make iOS apps for all devices such as iPads, iPhones, iPods and more. We develop applications with the perfect design and function-oriented iPad and iPhone app development, which meets the needs of iPad and iPhone users. You get a fantastic experience by choosing us because we ensure a breakthrough effect when programming iOS apps as an iPhone app development company!

It is no secret that iPhones and Apple Ipads are among the most popular mobile devices. Would you like to extend your performance to all Apple mobile devices? Yes, then you should not be relying on others anymore. Instead, go for the best apps from excellent iOS app development WebServicesNYC.

Smartphones and tablets are the most demanding consumer technologies of our time, especially for iPhone users. We develop and program mobile applications using the best quality when developing and programming for iOS. Our team of highly skilled professionals work with you and build your iOS app with innovative technologies and the highest quality standards, ensuring that it will keep users engaged and improve their user experience.

Our methodology for developing mobile apps

We understand that ensuring a seamless user experience is the key to success for any mobile app. This is the reason our mobile app development company has deployed a human-centric approach combined with a sharp technological push for developing mobile apps.

Validation of Idea

App Wireframing

App Prototype

Mobile App Development

Testing & QA

Go-Live & Maintenance


Social App

News and entertainment apps.
✔ Design mockups
✔ Dashboard
✔ News
✔ Blog
✔ Social login
✔ User Management
✔ Admin Management
✔ Registration Form
✔ Premium Users
✔ Social media sharing options
Note: Customizable modules and revisions included depending on your requirements

Taxi App

Organizations looking to start taxi service
like uber.
✔ Google Map integration
✔ Driver registration and management
✔ User registration and management
✔ Fare calculations
✔ Referral bonus
✔ Social Login
✔ Wallet
✔ Basic ASO
✔ Registration using mobile number
✔ App store and Play store launching
Note: Customizable modules and revisions included depending on your requirements.

Ecommerce App

Online stores looking to launch mobile app to reach new users and improve accessibility.
✔ User registration
✔ Featured Products
✔ Hot deals
✔ Magento Admin
✔ Checkout
✔ SMS verification
✔ Basic ASO
✔ Google Analytics integration
✔ App store and Play store launching
Note: Customizable modules and revisions included depending on your requirements.



✔ Around 5 Screens.
✔ Around 5 Integrations
✔ Only simple validations on device
✔ No offline storage of data
✔ Timeline – Within 2 months
✔ Team consists of: Dev Team – 1 Developer (full time)
✔ QA Team – 1 Test Engineer (shared)



✔ Around 10 Screens
✔ Around 10 Integrations
✔ Simple business logic for Validations / Calculations / Chart Data etc.
Some local storage of data
✔ Timeline – Within 4 months
✔ Team consists of: Dev Team – 1 Developer (full time) QA Team – 1 Test Engineer (shared)
✔ 1 Project Manager (shared)



✔ Around 20 Screens
✔ Around 20 Integrations
✔ Complex business logic like Interactive Charts, Animations, Validations, Conditions etc.
✔ Complete local storage of data used by App
✔ Timeline – Within 6 months
✔ Team consists of: Dev Team – 1 Developer (full time) QA Team – 1 Test Engineer (shared)
✔ 1 Project Manager (shared)
✔ 1 Team Lead (shared)

IOS Application Development

Do you want iOS app development? With our iOS apps, you get the attention and perfection on all iOS devices!

iOS Programming Perfected for you by the market-leading iOS programmer!

Our professionals will be happy to present you with a convincing offer, with which we will inspire you as an IOS app development agency with the best app costs. As market-leading experts for iOS apps, we make sure that you win new customers and as well as convince all Apple device users with your performance! Our iOS app developers are the first address when it comes to your visibility with individual, high-quality, and quality-perfected iOS apps

iOS apps from WebServicesNYC professional-quality bring you to mobile Apple devices

To top it off, there’s no denying that the best-designed operating system for smartphones is iOS. The choice of the mobile phone clearly shows that these consumers place great emphasis on quality and, even more importantly, sustainability.

Apple is always striving to develop the best operating system, so it requires the most high-quality programming skills. 

As experts in software development, our company, WebServices, provides professional mobile iOS app development services, which will help you develop iOS applications that are easy to use and enhance your business.

WebServiceYC: Your passionate service provider for iOS apps

Each of our iOS apps is special. We develop applications that appeal to your target group according to your wishes and as well as defined application areas! Win new customers and learn about the full range of mobility benefits with iOS applications! Our professionals devote the utmost care to every phase of the process. As a result, we generate your iOS-specific, native, hybrid and cross-platform apps to perfection! Regarding the high demands of iPhone and iPad users, you should make intelligent and accurate decisions! Only the best iOS programmers and app developers will get you into market-leading rankings in the mobile sector and thus climb the ladder of success! Therefore, contact our competence team for programming your iOS app, which we create for you with passion.


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