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The success of traditional marketing has depended mainly on the available budget. Due to the digital change, the media usage behavior and thus also the marketing possibilities for companies have also changed. The digital natives are gaining more and more share of the purchasing power, but the number of so-called silver surfers is also increasing, and the marketers have adjusted to this. Another fact is that 90% of customers’ purchase decisions are preceded by an online search, regardless of whether they are B2C or B2B. Therefore, pay-per-click marketing is ideal for increasing interactions and improving leads more efficiently.

Traditional marketing has always been a financial challenge, but the Internet has allowed many people to become successful without breaking the bank. Digital media has changed the way we access content, watch content and communicate, and as a result, it has also changed the media buying behavior of customers. As digital natives are growing into a more significant share of the population, the number of so-called silver surfers is also increasing, and marketers must adjust to this trend. Yet, as stated in the article, 90% of customers don’t purchase from a retailer without searching online first.

How does PPC marketing differ from other marketing services?

Pay-Per-Click is a common billing model in online marketing in which the service is billed per click. You only pay when your advertising materials such as paid search ads are clicked on. The billing does not take place for the insertion itself. PPC is particularly thought-provoking for smaller companies. With a small marketing budget, you can easily place your ads on different platforms, social networks, and search engines etc. through PPC marketing.

Why us?

WebserviceNYC is a PPC management company that has been a reliable service provider for PPC marketing for its customers for over ten years. Qualified and certified PPC specialists support customers with the implementation of search engine advertising and online marketing in general. The focus of the work is to create quality PPC campaigns for different search engines based on in-depth keyword research. When implementing the campaigns, we ensure that it develop optimal effect and reach the core target group and will surely bring maximum return on your advertisement investments.

Advantages we offer you as a PPC management company:

Yield Results

Web Services NYC PPC will yield results quickly and is more efficient than organic search.

Different Customers

With Web Services PPC, you can target customers who speak different languages and use different search engines.


You can decide the exact budget you want to spend on PPC and use it to reach your target audience.

How does we work as a PPC management company?

Through our 10 years of experience, we provide our customers with the professional support. We always proceed by concerning the strategy exclusively and the strategies are custom-made according to requirements and potential outcomes of our clients. Despite the fact that, our customers are looked after characterized work steps, consistence with which ensures the quality and accomplishment of our work:

  1. We evaluate your current PPC campaign and identify what you need to improve.
  2. Campaigns are set up according to best practices and monitored for optimization.
  3. We monitor the performance of your campaigns to make sure you get the best return on investment.
  4. We will coordinate the objectives and the techniques in detail with the customer.
  5. We’ll send the client a report. The report shows the best or most effective format and orientation for each format and orientation.
  6. The analysis of the results is used to adjust the budget for future campaigns.

Monthly reports will be emailed to you about current campaigns. You can also ask us for additional actions to be taken or for more suggestions.

PPC Monitoring

We will measure each campaign and keyword for effectiveness, ensuring PPC efforts are yielding a positive ROI.

Our PPC services

  • Google AdWords advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • strategic planning
  • Identification of keywords
  • Creation of the advertising copy
  • Campaign management
  • A / B campaign test
  • Notification and analysis
  • Expert advice

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