Brand image, why is it so important to take care of it?

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In general, people are very visual, and we are easily carried away by the first impression. In the same way that we have first impressions about people, cities, the same thing happens with companies. The visual brand image that a company offers is, therefore, its first opportunity to get closer to its potential clientele.

Building of the brand image or branding

Branding is much more than a company logo. It is formed by the values that surround the company: serious or casual, modern, or classic, etc. Based on this, users create emotional ties with companies through the image they project. Therefore, the emotional value that the company is transmitting has to be exactly what it has proposed, always in tune with the image.

Importance of the brand image

The brand image, being what allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, is one of the bases of any business. One of the best cases is Apple. This giant transmits simplicity, design, usability, and innovation, which allows it to completely differentiate itself from its competitor Microsoft.
If a business is not able to transmit its company values easily and quickly, it will be losing the ability to attract as many customers as it could. This is because there is nothing that the person can empathize with. There are no values that you can feel related to, or that you would like to be linked to.
Putting Apple as an example again, people who purchase products from this brand do so, among other things, by associating themselves with the values that this company transmits.
As they are state-of-the-art products, with a different and modern design, their public feels that when they acquire them, they belong to an exclusive group. That is the goal that every company should set itself. In this way, Apple creates a world that is unique and different from the rest; an atmosphere of its own that surrounds all your corporate activity.

Advantages of building a strong and consistent brand image

  • You differentiate yourself from the competition

This is the first thing that people recognize, so the first step is to learn to differentiate yourself from the competition. Whoever approaches your brand, does not have to doubt that they are acquiring your product or service and that they are the one they are looking for. A well-crafted brand image allows you to stand out.  

  • You convey a feeling of unity

People are social and we like to be part of a group. If you work on the branding of your company and it is coherent and strong, you will achieve the Apple effect and you will generate a community that has in common that feeling of unity, of belonging to that group.

  • You maintain a consistent brand image

 Consistency is essential in a business, and it must also be perceived by your company image. In other words, all the elements that make up the brand have to respect a series of characteristics: the corporate color, the corporate typography, etc.

If your logo is blue but your facilities or the uniform used by your squad are green, something is wrong. You have to take care of even the smallest detail. Maintaining this sense of global and recognizable coherence is vital to positioning your brand image in a highly varied ecosystem.

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