Business owners should be aware of significant facts about LinkedIn when engaging with it.

LinkedIn is one of the vast job-related platforms with many visitors. Furthermore, it has become one of the most effective and profitable ways of marketing businesses. It has approximately more than 610 million users. 

Business companies that know the worth and use of LinkedIn are earning the most out of it. However, LinkedIn is still not as popular among the masses as it should be. The majority of people use Facebook and Twitter the most. 

Due to less awareness about LinkedIn use, there is still a welcoming space for newcomers. They can quickly build their foundations on LinkedIn without being subjugated by others. This post will tell you about this channel’s stats and essential factors. This post may motivate you to use Linkedin for your B2B and B2C marketing. 

10 Major LinkedIn factors and facts entrepreneurs must know about:

LinkedIn is a beneficial and profitable channel for business marketing and job seekers. Thus, it should get equal importance to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Here we will discuss the ten most important facts about this channel that can help you to understand its importance and benefits.

User-engagement rates on LinkedIn have reached 0.054%:

According to a survey of 50 brands worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the major players in user engagement on social media. Deplorably, its user-engagement rate is still less than Facebook’s 0.073%. However, it has crossed the user-engagement rate of Twitter’s 0.03%. 

LinkedIn is better in terms of its targeted approach. It has a more targeted audience as compared to Facebook and Twitter. This feature makes it a more result-oriented platform for business marketing and other job-related tasks. 

Besides the low engagement rate of LinkedIn, companies that are engaged with it have several ways to attract customers. According to a study, posts on LinkedIn with links got up to 45% higher followers engagement than post updates without links. 

LinkedIn is the highest social media lead conversion generating platform:

Hubspot surveyed the highest lead conversion rates for developing social media platforms worldwide. This research concluded about 5000 companies. The results concluded that LinkedIn generated high lead conversion rates of 2.74%. This figure is almost three times higher (277%) than most of Facebook (0.77%) and Twitter (0.69%).     

Furthermore, 80% of B2B social media leads are generated from LinkedIn. At the same time, only 12% and 6% of leads are generated from Twitter and Facebook, respectively. 

Content containing the number list gets more shares:

It is expected that content containing lists is scannable and easy to understand. Thus, the majority of people prefer content that includes lists or numbers. According to a study, the content that consists of the word “top” followed by numbers such as 3, 5, 10, 25, 30, etc., generates more leads than the content that contains even numbers.  

According to this study, content containing odd numbers generates 40% more leads on LinkedIn. Furthermore, this report reveals that people unconsciously give more attention to the content, including numbers 3, 5, or 9 in the headings. It means visitors prefer more odd numbers as compared to even ones. 

LinkedIn forward more than 50% of traffic to B2B websites and blogs:

LinkedIn is the best channel if you want more traffic to your website and blogs. Surprisingly, more than half of traffic to your website and blogs can come from this platform. Undoubtedly, Facebook and Twitter have more active users, but LinkedIn is the winner in content sharing and user engagement in the case of B2-B websites and businesses.

The mobile user rate of LinkedIn is 57%:

According to a report in 2014, the mobile engagement rate of LinkedIn increased from 24% to 57%. However, it is still lower than Facebook’s mobile engagement ratio, which is 88%. Perhaps, the professional users of LinkedIn use this platform during office hours when they are on their computers instead of mobiles. 

Moreover, LinkedIn pages always appear at the top of Google search results. Thus, it is an edge point for the businesses and companies attached to LinkedIn. Therefore, companies linked to LinkedIn get better results on Google search results. Thus, they require less search engine optimization to get ranked on Google. 

Use different and unique styles, content, and formats:

The Manifest shared six different content styles that we should share on LinkedIn to get more traffic. These content examples include quick, scannable tips to long blog posts of 2000 words or more. 

Furthermore, users also prefer to share opinions and information. Thus, it can be a good point for companies to get more leads. According to a study, the content contains questions that engage more than 50% of visitors. 

However, we should remember that we are engaging humans that can have both emotional and rational thinking levels. Besides 61 million senior influencers and 40 million users with decision-making abilities, we can’t neglect emotional thinkers. 

Visitors’ engaging rate to LinkedIn is increasing:

With time, people know more about LinkedIn; thus, the users spend more time here. According to a report from, the average time people spend on LinkedIn is 06:23 per day. They used to view an average of 4.33 pages during this period. Thus, this report concluded that more professional people are on LinkedIn and are very dedicated. 

Posts containing images get 200 times more attention from users:

People are expected to attract more to the pictures than the written content. Thus, it is necessary to use eye-catching high-resolution images in your content to attract more visitors. A study concluded that image content drives a 98% higher comment rate. 

Recent graduates are frequent users of LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is one of the most influential platforms among fresh graduates seeking a job. According to a report, LinkedIn gets two new members each second. Consequently, it is one of the fast-growing demographic channels among recent graduates and college students. 

Boost your SEO with LinkedIn articles:

LinkedIn is an open platform for everyone; thus, you can post your articles here. Therefore, you can improve your website SEO through it. It is essential from both the influencer and SEO points of view. 

LinkedIn is an edge point for those who have a business website. If you are posting business articles or content on your website, then why not on LinkedIn? LinkedIn can drive potential traffic to your website and make your pages top-ranked on google search results. Articulate your thoughts and write engaging content that drives a more potential audience. 

People get attracted to slideshares also. There are 80 million users on the internet. Thus, if you have Slideshare, infographic, or PDF, you should share it on LinkedIn. It will resonate with your audience. 


LinkedIn is a rapidly growing platform for companies and students. With 610 million users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn provides a professional and flourishing platform to thrive your company. 

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