What is Amazon keyword research? A complete guide for beginners

Inserting right and specific keywords in your descriptions is essential to success on Amazon. It is crucial to enhance the visibility of your products and services. The right keywords will help increase the organic ranking of your website. Furthermore, it is also helpful in running an amazon PPC campaign. 

If you don’t use relevant keywords, your product will not appear in the search results. Therefore, it will not appear to potential and targeted customers. Consequently, your product’s conversion rate and sales will not increase. 

This article will discuss searching for relevant and proper keywords for your product listings. Reading this article will be worthwhile for those planning to run an Amazon PPC campaign for their amazon products and services. 

If you are a beginner unaware of amazon keywords, this article will be a good start for you. Furthermore, this article will tell you what keywords are and why placing the right keywords for organic traffic on your amazon product and services is essential. Moreover, you will learn how to find amazon keywords that deliver potential results. 

What are Amazon keywords?

Keywords or search terms are the phrases or words in your product or service listings. We used to put these terms in product listings to appear in search results or suggestions when customers type a term on the Amazon search bar. 

The search engine amazon used these terms to match a query put by the user to the ASINs. 

Inserting keywords in your content and listings is an opportunity for you to provide more details about your products to google and amazon search engines. These keywords are hidden and only visible to amazon sellers, not visitors. 

How does Amazon keyword research benefit the Amazon business?

As we discussed before, amazon keywords are necessary to improve your amazon product visibility. Let’s elaborate more! Putting amazon keywords in product listings is crucial because it can’t appear before customers without the right keywords present in it. Therefore, it is evident that your product will only appear before customers when the description has the relevant keywords in it. 

It means your product will not be displayed for the keywords, not in your product listings. Ultimately, there is no chance that your product will be suggested to the potential customer by an amazon search engine. Suppose a customer is looking for the exact product you are selling, but the term he uses to search for it is not included in your product listing. What will happen? Due to this negligence, you cannot fix a deal with a potential customer. Consequently, it leads to retardation of your product sales and business growth. 

Furthermore, if we talk about running an amazon ad campaign, then using the right keyword is crucial for better conversion rates. Thus, if you don’t insert relevant and result-driven keywords, your Amazon PPC campaign will fail to target the right audience. Therefore, your ad will not be converting because you are targeting irrelevant keywords. 

Ultimate Amazon keyword research guide: How to find the right keywords?

So how can you present your products before a targeted audience? For this purpose, you only have to place suitable keywords in your product listings. How you can find the right keywords and how to identify whether it will be result-driven or not. Amazon keyword research aims to find and note all relevant and suitable keywords. 

If keyword research is so essential, then there must be a systemic approach for this task that helps you to note each critical point related to keywords. However, what does it exactly mean? What does the Amazon keyword research exactly look like? Following are the basic steps to follow during your keyword research:

Brainstorm the ideas:

As you have spent a lot of time with your product; Thus, you know well what your product is about and to what it is related. Therefore, you can better describe your product because you know it inside out. 

Thus, consider yourself a customer and think about terms and words that you use to find your product. Note down all the phrases and words that come to your mind. 

Analyze the keywords used by your competitors:

It is essential to analyze your competitors if you want to get successful in your amazon business. Thus, explore the keywords your competitors are using to rank their products. 

Find out the competitors selling the same products as yours. Audit their keywords list and find the keyword on which he is ranking on top of the amazon search engine. Afterward, browse that keyword to identify more related keywords in his listing. 

Those keywords will frequently be present in the product listing. Thus, pick those keywords and do further analysis before using them in your product listing. Therefore, you will be able to get related and potential keywords. 

Use suitable amazon keyword research tools:

Besides searching for keywords on the amazon search bar, you can also use different tools for this purpose. When you type some words on the amazon search bar, various suggestions appear below that are keywords. 

These suggestions are not simple phrases or words. Amazon search engines suggest the terms that the customers frequently type. Thus, you can also use these keywords in your listings after complete analysis. 

Several tools can make this task easier for you. Some of these tools are paid, and others are unpaid. Some standard keyword research tools are google keyword planner and href, etc. 

You can easily use this tool for keyword searching if we talk about unpaid tools such as Google keyword planner. 

  • Enter one or more related keywords on the keyword planner search bar.
  • Click the enter button to submit it.
  • Select the location.
  • Click on get results and evaluate your results.

How to optimize your listings with suitable keywords?

After collecting suitable keywords, the main point is where to place these keywords in your listings. What are the relevant terms in your product listing to identify the keywords? It entirely depends on the strategy you use and your intentions. 

Amazon listing optimization: If you aim to improve the visibility of your product, then place the keywords in your description. For instance, in the title, bullet points, and body of your content.

Amazon PPC campaign: You just bid on suitable and result-driven keywords in advertising campaigns. There is no need to place your keyword in any listing or description. 


Keyword searching is essential to optimize your product visibility. If you want your product or services to be ranked on top of the SERP, then it is a must to use relevant and result-driven keywords. It will be helpful to increase the conversion rates and, ultimately, the growth of your business.  

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