Digital commerce and global wealth are increasing. But the business model is unevenly distributed and the gap between startups and large companies is growing ever wider. Online marketing pursues the goal of increasing sales while continually reducing variable costs. IT SOULUTIONNYC is a qualified Digital marketing agency. Its aim is to raise the profile of transparent trade.

How do you recognize fair trade services?

There are internationally defined trade principles that clearly form the working basis of all recognized organizations.

How does transparent action ensure its credibility?

“Trust is good – control is better,” says a proverb. Trust is the prerequisite for business relationships in transparent action. Companies that are committed to fairness and transparency also have to prove that they adhere to them.

Trust as the cornerstone

Dialog, transparency, and respect are the basis of the long-term and direct trade relationships between IT SOULUTIONNYC and customers. The cooperation between our employees and associations or their requirements is therefore referred to as “customer service”.

Control as evidence

Based on our experience, we have developed various control systems over the years, which use external reviews to ensure that international standards are complied with. Since transparent trading is booming and many want to participate in the growing market, more and more companies are committed to fairness, ethical behavior, and sustainability. An external review of the criteria is therefore the basis for recognition by the international standards.

IT SOULUTIONNYC therefore regularly conducts workshops on online marketing, quality control, pricing, and accounting. In addition, employees can do basic training with us. Our goal: We would like to train the team in such a way that it can offer high-quality services independently and learn the ability to adapt to market conditions.

Collect traditional techniques

IT SOULUTIONNYC aims to collect traditional techniques and patterns. But in order to be able to sell the services in the market, it is important to keep up with the times: In further training, our employees learn how to combine traditional techniques and patterns with the latest logo and design trends worldwide.

Acting transparently promotes safety in the workplace

IT SOULUTIONNYC ensures that employees only use the latest software that is approved by the international market. We have been working with our customers since day one and we take great care that our services are cost-effective. Almost all of our employees are very satisfied with us and want to work for us for the long term because they feel safe at work. If you have gained internal trust through fair dealings, then you can communicate your reputation to the outside world very well.

Fair service is our motto

All of our services are digital goods that are developed, traded, sold according to international standards, and verified by credible external control systems.

Transparent action and responsible handling of the services made available to us are top priorities at IT SOULUTIONNYC. In order to take responsibility for our customers and the target group, we regularly submit to external controls on the targeted use of the collected software and services.

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